Tribute to Erich Wäckerlin


Erich Waeckerlin during the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of CEIPI at the Council of Europe

The CEIPI pays tribute to Mr. Erich Wäckerlin, who succumbed to a severe illness, on January 8th 2018.

Erich Wäckerlin, former patent examiner, director and later member of a Technical Board of Appeal  of the European Patent Office in Munich, and moreover technically qualified non-permanent judge at the Swiss Federal Patent Court, has been coordinator of CEIPI courses preparing for papers A and B of the European Qualifying Examination (EQE) for many years. He also has been CEIPI tutor for papers A, B and C of the EQE, such as for the pre-examination. He has actively participated in the Candidate Support Project, jointly organized by the European Patent Office and  CEIPI, and has had a central role in the framework of the cooperation between CEIPI and the EPO. Erich Wäckerlin is author of the A-book published by Wolters Kluwer, which is part of a series of publications of CEIPI tutors aiming at helping future patent attorneys prepare for the EQE. The A book is used as central training material for CEIPI courses for paper A of the EQE. Erich Wäckerlin has carried out his activities for CEIPI with enthusiasm, commitment and excellence.

He also has been one of the pillars of the international section of CEIPI. He shared his competences, his experience and the outstanding quality of this work for the benefit of the candidates preparing for the EQE, but also of his fellow tutors and CEIPI staff. He has impressed all those working with him by his immense general culture, his generosity, his contact with others, his humor, his reliability, his sincerity, his modesty and his humanism.

In addition to his activities for the international section, Erich Wäckerlin has contributed to the reputation and international outreach of the CEIPI by participating in various events, such as conferences, symposia and several training activities organized by our institute.

He will remain in our memories as an enthusiastic supporter of the CEIPI, a remarkable tutor, a valued colleague and mentor, and for many also as a reliable and appreciated friend.

Christophe Geiger, Director General of CEIPI, and Thierry Debled, Director of the international section of CEIPI