12 January 2018: Conference-debate “Discussion around copyright”, Librairie Kléber, Strasbourg, moderated by Franck Macrez


In the framework of the “Lecture series of Kléber Bookshop”, which brighten up the cultural life of the city of Strasbourg, CEIPI organizes monthly conference-debate on current issues of copyright.

Intellectual property is no longer, today, only a matter of specialized lawyers, but a regular topic of the public debate, especially thanks to the digital revolution but also thanks to its influence on fundamental societal questions, such as access to knowledge or the appropriation of living things. The upcoming European Commission's copyright reform and other international treaty negotiations show the importance and topicality of these subjects. The topic of these lectures will focus on issues related to copyright and neighboring rights, as well as issues related to the evolution of patent law and trademark law.

The fact that the “intellectual property is part of the public debate” leads the CEIPI of wanting to bring its knowledge and know-how in the framework of open debates and broadly participatory as possible, and no longer only to specialists and students in Law.

These lectures will be moderated by Mr. Franck Macrez, Associate Professor at CEIPI. Speakers will be academics, practitioners (legal practitioners, lawyers ...), journalists, politicians (institutional, parliamentarians ...), business leaders.

Click here to download the program of the first edition that will take place on 12 January 2018.