13 November 2017: Merit Diploma certification for CEIPI students for their “Pan European Seal traineeship”


The CEIPI is happy to announce that Anais Bessus, Salomé Roch and François Châtellier, CEIPI students, have been awarded a Merit Diploma certification for their traineeship at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Through the CEIPI's close cooperation with the European institutions, such as the EUIPO and the EPO, and the EIPIN network (European Intellectual Property Institutes Network), its students are benefiting from the opportunity to jump-start their careers with the Pan-European Seal Traineeship Program. This cooperation with the EPO and EUIPO seeks to gather some of the most promising prospects from universities in the IP field and gives them the chance of a one year working experience. Through the 2016-2017 edition the EUIPO selected 7 former CEIPI students for traineeship positions, more than any other university in the program, which is a testament to both the quality and the reputation of its education.

In addition to this, Anais Bessus (International Cooperation and Legal Affairs), Salomé Roch (Boards of Appeal Presidency) and François Châtellier (Corporate Governance) were handed a Merit Diploma for the quality of their work throughout their year at EUIPO on the 29 September 2017, during a ceremony in the presence of António Campinos, Executive Director of the EUIPO. François Châtellier was also the first to receive a Merit Diploma at both the EPO (European Affairs) and the EUIPO.

In October 2017 a new wave of students from the CEIPI and other universities started their traineeship at both the EPO and the EUIPO and thus join this ever-growing network of IP professionals.

CEIPI addresses its congratulations to its students!

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