CEIPI at the 21st EIPIN Congress in Maastricht (Netherlands)

From January 22, 2020 until January 24, 2020
Maastricht (Netherlands)

Members of the CEIPI team will participate in the 21st EIPIN Congress. Christophe Geiger, Professor and Director of the Research Department of CEIPI, Natasha Mangal et Tamar Khuchua, Early Stage Researchers of the EIPIN IS, will also participate in the EIPIN IS doctoral seminar 21-22 January 2020.  

Christophe Geiger will be chairman of a congress panel and a commentator at the doctoral seminar.

Natasha Mangal will present her research on the topic “An Institutional Approach to EU Copyright Reform”.

Tamar Khuchua will present her research on the topic “IP and Judicial Design in the EU – What court system is the best for balancing pluralistic interests in IP and optimal environment for innovation within the EU legal framework?”.

Below you may download the programmes of the EIPIN congress and EIPIN IS doctoral seminar.

EIPIN Network: https://www.eipin.org/

EIPIN IS programme: https://www.eipin-innovationsociety.org/