Christophe Geiger speaking at the universities of Wuhan, Huangshi and Beijing, in China, from 21 to 27 March 2018

From March 21, 2018 until March 27, 2018

From 21 to 27 March 2018, Mr. Christophe Geiger, Professor at the University of Strasbourg and Director General of CEIPI, will deliver a series of presentations in China.

-            His visit will start with the Huazhong University of Science & Technology (HUST) in WUHAN where he will be appointed as "Visiting guest professor for 2018-2021". On this occasion, he will also be signing the cooperation agreement for the implementation of a Sino-European Center for Intellectual Property, of which CEIPI will be one of the main partners. Professor Geiger will also deliver two presentations on 21 and 23 March.

 -            The topics of these conferences are the following :

 - “Specialized vs General Courts in the field of Intellectual Property: The Relationship between the Unified Patent Court and the Court of the Justice of the European Union”,

- and “Towards a Modern Copyright Law for the Digital Single Market?  Assessing the current reform project in the European Union and its Main Challenges”.

 -            On 26 March, Prof. Geiger will deliver a presentation at the University of HUANGSHI: Hubei Normal University (HBNU), on the topic “Rediscovering the Social Function of Intellectual Property Rights - A European Perspective”.

-            On 27 March, Prof. Geiger will deliver a presentation at the University of BEIJING: Beijing Normal University, on the topic “ Reconciling Copyright with Creators and Future creativity”.