Xavier Seuba speaking at the Trade and Sustainable Development Symposium, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

From December 11, 2017 until December 13, 2017
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Xavier Seuba, Senior Lecturer at CEIPI and Co-Director of the CEIPI-BETA Project on Law and Economics of Intellectual Property, will participate in the forthcoming Trade and Sustainable Development Symposium, organised by the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) in Buenos Aires from 11 to 13 December.

He will be a panellist in the session on Regulatory Cooperation and Coherence: the New Frontiers in Trade and Investment, and will chair the panel Exploring Innovation and Intellectual Property in New Trade Agreements. The biennial Trade and Sustainable Development Symposium has been held alongside the WTO Ministerial Conference for over a decade, and is the leading multi-stakeholder platform for intellectual enquiry and dialogue on sustainable development and the global trade and investment system.