Franck Macrez

Franck Macrez is an Associate Professor at the CEIPI.

He studied at the Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas and then moved to the Université de Montpellier where he obtained a Masters in "Creations of the mind and law" in 2001. He went on to complete a PhD under the supervision of Professor Michel Vivant entitled: "Software creations: upheavals in intellectual property rights? - An essay on the coherence of rights". His thesis, defended in 2007, has been published by Litec in the CEIPI series. Before joining the CEIPI, he was a member of the research team "Creations of the mind and law" (Créations immatérielles et Droit) at the Université de Montpellier (Ercim), and subsequently of the "Centre for the study and research of the law of creations of the mind" (Centre d'études et de Recherche en droit de l'immatériel), Université Paris-Sud (Cerdi).

Key competences:

  • property Law
  • Information technology law

Lectures at the CEIPI:

  • Contract law and technology transfer
  • Infringement

Informations supplémentaires :


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