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Head of studies

Associate Professor and Director of studies of the French Section at the CEIPI

Presentation and objectives

The objective of the program in intellectual property law and international business law is to educate legal practitioners who desire to specialize in intellectual property law, distribution law and international business law. The program offers theoretical education and practical training so that they acquire an understanding of:

  • the acquisition of intellectual property titles
  • the valuation of intellectual property rights
  • the marketing of products and services incorporating intellectual property rights
  • distribution law competition law (French and European)
  • competition law (Franch and European)

The objective of the program is to educate specialists in the valorisation and marketing of products and services that include intellectual property rights on the regional, national European and international level.

The program includes a mandatory internship with a company as well as the presentation of a research paper.

Note that most of the courses are in french, except for a few of them which are in english.

Further information

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Langue de l'enseignement : Français

MASTER - Droit de la propriété intellectuelle