Master 2 in Intellectual Property Law and Cultural Activities

Master of Laws 2: Law Economics Management > Field: Intellectual Property Law > Specialization: Intellectual Property Law in the Knowledge-based Society > Program: Intellectual Property Law and Cultural Activities

Head of studies

Associate Professor at CEIPI, University of Strasbourg, Director General of the CEIPI and Director of the French Section of the CEIPI

Associate Professor and Director of studies of the French Section at the CEIPI

Presentation and objectives

The objective of the program in intellectual property law and cultural activities is to offer academic education and practical training that correspond to the needs of all professional fields of intellectual property.

The program covers the legal mechanisms governing the protection of creative works, their valorisation and their defense in case of the infringement of the intellectual property rights that protect them.

The aim is to provide students with a general legal knowledge that will enable them to grasp the positive law of intellectual property and its future evolution. Students will be able to respond to the needs of organizations, institutions, and businesses whose mission is to organize the development of audiovisual performances and events.

Note that most of the courses are in french, except for a few of them which are in english.

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