Master 2 in Industrial Property

Master of Laws 2: Law Economics Management > Field: Intellectual Property Law > Specialization: Industrial property

CEIPI is offering a program intended for scientists and engineers who wish to expand their knowledge of industrial property law and who are already graduates of the CEIPI diploma « Patents ». This new program leads to an LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law specialising in industrial property.


This Master of Laws hopes to offer industrial property professionals the possibility to strengthen and perfect their legal education beyond what is necessary to exercise the profession of representative at national offices and the European Patent Office.

The evolution of careers in intellectual property, the rise of new professions and new specialisations in companies and law firms in the field of intellectual property, require on the part of engineers and scientists stronger and broader legal skills.

The growing role played by intellectual property in the economy – upstream with regard to innovation – downstream with regard to technology transfer, industrial exploitation and commercialisation of intellectual activity on the national and international level, gives rise to new professions, new specialisations and thus to new skills.

Engineers and scientists command the legal techniques necessary to obtain title, to understand the impact and to defend patent rights ; however, as professionals they are henceforth called upon to understand all aspects of the law that the industrial and commercial exploitation of patents implies : trademarks, industrial design, geographical indications, plant breeders' rights, various technology transfer agreements, competition law, international law, litigation, taxation, etc.

The incursion of industrial property into general law and commercial law is, moreover, rendered more complex by the superposition of national legislations, European, Community and international law. Confronted with this emerging new order of European, international and transnational law, it is important to establish suitable legal expertise to educate specialists likely to meet a new challenge.

This is the aim of this new master’s degree for engineers and scientists who hold a professional degree, who are French and/or European representatives, or representatives with national offices outside Europe, and who wish to broaden their legal knowledge as required by the evolution of their profession.

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