Master 2 in European and international Intellectual Property Law (Research)

(former Master 2 in Research and Intellectual Property)

Heads of studies

Giancarlo FROSIO
Associate Professor at the CEIPI

M. Christophe GEIGER
Professor and Director of the Research Department of the CEIPI

Presentation and missions

This Master program (LLM) covers all aspects of intellectual property in French law, in comparative law and especially in European and international law. The Master program is adapted to the ever increasing European and international dimension of intellectual Property. Students can consequently benefit from activities offered by The European Intellectual Property Institutes Network (EIPIN) (Queen Mary University of London, Munich Intellectual Property Law Center, University of Alicante and CEIPI University of Strasbourg). Courses and seminars in both English and French provide an academic background and practical applications.

The Master opens up professional career prospects in public and private sectors of intellectual property and in European and international institutions. Students can especially acquire research tools through the writing of a Master's dissertation on a topic of European and international intellectual property. After the research-oriented "Intellectual Property Law - European and international Intellectual Property Law Master", students can apply for a PhD in intellectual property law.

Finally, it is important to mention that the Master program in Intellectual Property- European and international Intellectual Property Law - draws on the extensive resources of the libraries of CEIPI and the Max - Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law in Muenchen.

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