CEIPI offers an accelerated course of tuition which meets a double requirement: providing alternate theoretical and practical tuition for persons who have proved themselves in the industrial property profession.

The program is identical to that of the long tuition course.


This course comprises two separate modules which are independent of one another:

Each module runs for one academic year ( September to June ) and includes eight weeks training for the " Patents " module and five weeks training for the " Trademarks and industrial Designs " module.

It is essential that the classes provided by CEIPI, which constitute a sandwich training course, are backed up by adequate professional practice. In view of the heavy work-load that this represents, it is not possible to register for the " Patents " and " Trademarks and Industrial designs " modules in the same year. In any case, there may be some overlapping weeks.

Students who pass the " Patents " and " Trademarks and industrial designs " examinations are awarded the Diploma in International Industrial Studies.

Note that most of the courses are in french, except for a few of them which are in english.

Accelerated tuition in "Patents": Academic year 2020-2021: Organisation of general law classes

The development of patent law, the importance of having a solid foundation in general law before attending specialized courses, the desire to not overburden students in the accelerated program with classes during the academic year at CEIPI, all lead to a reform of the program.

The time allotted to the teaching of general law will be extended to six days.

  • Two days for the seminar "introduction to law"       
  • Two days for the seminar "business law        
  • Two days for the seminar " law of obligations"

The general law module is henceforward offered in advance during the internship year required before registering for the accelerated program.

The assessment of general law subjects will take place during the first week of teaching of the accelerated program in september.

Enrolment to the general law classes is closed since March 15, 2020.

As a result of the health situation in relation with the covid-19, classes from April 4 and 5 are postponed. For further information, contact Sabine Zorn at:

Time Schedules 2019-2020 Patents and Trademarks & industrial designs

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