" Accelerated Tuition " candidates must be holders of one of the diplomas specified in Art. R.421-1 of the Code of Intellectual Property concerning the registration on the list of persons qualified on industrial property matters.

The Office of the Administrative Council may admit candidates who do not hold one of the diplomas listed in the Order of September 23, 2004 on the strength of their admission file, where this is deemed to be the equivalent thereof, and provided the candidates supply evidence of adequate previous professional training in the field of industrial property, in France or abroad.

Most of the tuition is delivered in French. Students must have sufficient knowledge of English to enable them easily to understand the technical texts corresponding to their speciality.

Moreover, candidates must be able to prove they have acquired a year's experience in the field of industrial property by the closing date for reception of the application forms. Employers must fill out a certificate concerning the conditions in which the professional activity has been exercised. There are two certificates, the first for the " Trademarks/Industrial Designs " module, and the second for the " Patents " module.

Concerning the tuition in Patents, the written control took place on 06 September 2019.

    Enrolment fees for the year 2020 -2021 (subject to validation by the university bodies)

    • € 4500 for the "Patents" module in accelerated tuition (including tuition fees)
    • € 3430 for the " Trademarks/Industrial Designs " module in accelerated tuition (including tuition fees)
    • A € 870 fee is applicable to students who failed the exam and want to repeat the year (including tuition fees)

    Other fees

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    There is no possibility within this diploma to be exempt from registration fees.

    Enrolment to the general law classes

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    Documents to be downloaded, to be filled up and sent back to the CEIPI

    Submission of applications for the academic year 2020-2021 is closed.

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